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Read more about the policy work we’re doing onStopping the sharing of spent motoring convictions by the DVLA. Share your personal story by contributing to our online magazine, theRecord.

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If you know other people who have fast tracked their application, it may also be worth contacting the DVLA to find out if this is possible. Waiting for the DVLA to process your application can be very frustrating and you must be anxious about your holiday. But if you’re in Northern Ireland you will need to get the evidence yourself.

Painless Driver Support Plans – Where To Go

Unlock is the only charity in England & Wales dedicated to supporting law-abiding people with convictions. By being independent, we respond to the needs of the people we exist for. It’s designed to provide self-help information on a wide range of issues that criminal records can effect. There’s also quick links, latest updates and a downloads section.

Epilepsy Action will never swap, share or sell your details. Insurance companies shouldn’t use the fact that you have epilepsy or the fact that you have a restricted licence as a reason to put up your premiums or refuse to insure you. If not they may be guilty of disability discrimination under the equality laws. My current licence runs until early August and I’d like to think that this will be sorted by then. All my other seizures have been whilst asleep and are infrequent and far from severe – I’ve only had 1 day off sick from work as a result of a sleep seizure. For this reason, we try to help explain things relevant to people with epilepsy.

Essential Elements Of Driver Support Clarified

You will need to ensure that this size of hard drive is sufficiently powered so that you can connect the device. If the HD is of a large size, you will need a USB-Y cable and another USB power input to give your HD the power that it will need . Once powered and plugged in, the HD should be recognised by your GeoBook 1 immediately and be ready to use.

Discuss the issue – Read and share your experiences on our online forum. It’s important to remember that you do not need to disclose spent convictions to an insurer, even if they remain on your driving record. We are working on ensuring that the DVLA does not make spent convictions available to third parties. MyLicence will not share the details of spent convictions, even if they remain on your driving record. If your employer asks you to provide evidence of your driving record then it is possible for you to share your driving record by accessing the DVLA Shared Driving Licence Service. You do not fail to disclose something which you are legally required to disclose which may result in the loss of a job, a job offer being revoked or insurance policies becoming invalid. Help us challenge this issue – We’re doing policy work on spent convictions and the sharing of them via DVLA records.

But you do only need them to confirm that to the best of their knowledge you have been seizure free for 12 months or more. I now have to make an appointment to see Gp for an examination. I would like to be able to ride a scooter due to work shift pattern changes so have applied for a provisional license. As the DVLA have not yet contacted your daughter, it would be best to contact them to see if they have actually received her application. Generally, people receive an acknowledgement letter, and some people the section 88 leaflet. Whether your daughter surrendered her licence or her driversol.com licence was revoked will affect the timing.